Tap On, Tap Off hits the million mark 

8 months ago Fri 31st Jan 2020

The headlines:

  • More than 1 million tap-on, tap-off transactions completed since September 2019 

  • 34,400 passengers experienced savings as a result of the daily fare caps 

  • Cash payments now represent less than 10% of the journeys made in Brighton & Hove

Tap On, Tap Off has hit one million transactions since it was introduced by Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus less than four months ago.  

Adult passengers have enthusiastically embraced the ticketing scheme, which makes paying more convenient, speeds up boarding and keeps buses moving. In fact, less than 10% of journeys in Brighton & Hove are now paid for with cash. 

So far, Tap On, Tap Off has helped 34,400 passengers save money with its daily fare cap, where passengers automatically pay no more than the cost of a day ticket bought on the bus, no matter how many journeys made that day."

The cap applies across both Brighton & Hove and Metrobus bus services.  

Brighton & Hove Buses’ Commercial Director Nick Hill said: “Tap On, Tap Off contactless and the daily fare cap have made it even easier for passengers to use our services without needing to know the fare or how many journeys they’ll make. 

“This is reflected in the strong take up of Tap On, Tap Off locally and the fact that fewer people are paying by cash on the bus than ever before. In turn, it helps make boarding quicker and everyone’s journey a little bit smoother.” 

Passengers just need to tap their bank cards or phones on the ticket machine reader when boarding and tap off on the exit reader when they get off. There is no need to buy a paper ticket from the driver or to tell the driver their destination.  It also removes barriers like not having the right change. 

The bus company’s Tap On, Tap Off ticketing scheme was highly commended in this year’s Transport Ticketing Awards in the Ticketing Technology of the Year category. 

The Tap On, Tap Off multi-operator capping technology used is from Little Pay using Ticketer ticket machines.