World Car Free Day - 22nd September

4 weeks ago Mon 21st Sep 2020

Join in with World Car Free Day on 22nd September. A Car-Free Day asks car drivers to give up their cars for a single day. Chances are if you're reading this story on our website you already catch the bus or are thinking about it and we would like to thank you for doing your bit. Please help spread the word by sharing this page with others who may need a bit of encouragement. Read on to find out why catching the bus is good for everyone. 

There are huge benefits to the environment with less cars on the road, one bus can carry the equivalent of many cars, especially when there’s just one person in the vehicle. By reducing the number of cars on the road you also reduce congestion, making journey times more reliable and smoother.

Leaving the car at home can improve your health and wellbeing too. In the UK the average number of steps to a bus stop is around 1,000. If you walked to the bus stop and back five times a week for a year that’s the equivalent of walking to Paris!

Check out our journey planner and see how many steps you can add to your daily count by catching the bus and also find out how many CO2’s you can save at the same time. A bus trip from Hove Station to Churchill Square Shopping Centre led to an extra 460 steps and by taking this journey you would save 567g of CO2 compared to driving.  That's the same as making 240 cups of tea!

If you're not already catching the bus, why not give it a try just for one day and feel great the whole day through knowing that you’re doing your bit for the environment?