Community champions applauded on the outside of buses 

3 months ago Mon 9th Nov 2020

We are asking people to nominate champions who have gone the extra mile for their communities and celebrate them by putting their faces on the side of a fleet of new buses. 

Our Above & Beyond campaign gives people the chance to say a big ‘thank you’ to a friend, colleague or family member who has consistently lit up other people’s lives and made the city an even better place to be this year.

Our Managing Director Martin Harris said: “It has been a tough year for everyone and we would like to recognise those people who go 'Above & Beyond' and embody the spirit of Brighton & Hove. Imagine how exciting it will be for them to see themselves honoured on the side of a bus, with a little bit about them inside the bus. Give somebody you are proud of a great surprise and get their face on one of our new buses.  

“We want to celebrate the amazing people who live and work in this city, people who go out of their way for others and their communities and have a hugely positive impact. It may be the person who lives next door, works in a local shop or works with you; somebody you think simply makes life better for everyone. Local community groups have already sent their nominations in, now it’s the public’s turn." 

To nominate somebody who has gone Above & Beyond, please include:  

  • Your name and contact details  
  • The name of the person you are nominating and how we can contact them  
  • Say why they should be nominated in no more than 500 words  
  • Email your entry to  
  • The competition deadline is 30 November 2020  

Those selected for this project will be asked to attend a photoshoot, have their photo placed on the side of one of the new buses and their unique story told inside the bus and on our website, so people can read about them as they go about their daily lives.  

Find out more about Above & Beyond here.