Fare changes - 11 April 2022

1 month ago Thu 31st Mar 2022

Like all businesses we need to review all aspects of our operation and service provision to ensure we continue to provide the best service we can for our passengers. The world has changed so much in the past two years yet our fares have stayed the same. Given the current economic climate and rises in inflation, we need to factor these costs into our business.

Some fares will increase and others have been frozen. We have tried very hard to ensure we continue to provide excellent value for money by keeping any increases to a minimum and lower than inflation for most fares. You will find that some single on bus fares for example have increased by 10p and fares on longer journeys slightly more.

To see all fares by route click on this link or check out the pages in our Ways to Pay section of the website where you can see what the prices will be from 11 April 2022. This is with the exception of mobile tickets that will be updated on Monday 11 April 2022.

We have also listened to our customers to find out what’s most important to them and whilst some rises are inevitable we have reduced the cost of short hop fares in the centre of Brighton and Hove from £1.90 to £1.70. In addition kids busID fares of £1 and 50p have been frozen and family tickets purchased via the app will also remain frozen at just £9. Family tickets provide all day travel for up to five people including one or two adults and children travelling all day and across our entire network.

Passengers can also take advantage of our flexible contactless promotion of just £19 per week where you can make as many journeys as you like using tap on, tap off. Or get free travel for the kids every weekend in April and treat them a great day out. There’s so much to do from beach and city fun to exploring in the South Downs, doing the things they love the most.