Google Wallet with Brighton & Hove Buses

 A mobile being scanned on the bus

Brighton & Hove Buses and Google Wallet have partnered to give passengers more visibility into their fares and savings through Flexi Contactless.

Google Wallet is a digital wallet that keeps all things transit in one convenient place, so it can do more than your plastic card. Passengers who enjoy using contactless payments on Brighton & Hove Buses can now view their bus journeys, spending history, and track their savings made through Flexi Contactless all in their Wallet.

Key Features Include:

Screenshots of Google Wallet

How the Google Wallet transit card works
To get started with your Google Wallet transit card for Brighton & Hove Buses follow the three simple steps below and you’re ready to go!

Text that reads 'Step 1  Once you have tapped on the bus with Google Pay, select “Get started” in Google Wallet to add a transit card for  Brighton & Hove. Step 2  You’ll be asked to link your payment card with Brighton & Hove. Step 3 You're ready for travel!'

For more information click on the link to view our FAQ’s or to contact a member of our customer services team click here.