Brighton & Hove Buses Brand Refresh

9 months ago Wed 28th Jun 2023

Text that reads 'Brighton and Hove' next to an illustrated bus
Our fleet of red, cream and black buses will change into a bright, colourful new teal and aqua livery over the coming months and years. The change follows on from the popular ‘Live & Breathe’ liveries and introduces new icons in a variety of colours to represent the diversity and vibrancy of the city of Brighton & Hove.

Furthermore, the logo will also be changing by adopting the new bus colours, and better representing the company with a slick A to B journey line worked into the design. This is just one part of a wider transformation as the company set their efforts on bringing more benefits to the community, and making Brighton & Hove Buses an employer of choice and great place to work for all.

The first of the new buses, designed to better reflect the Brighton & Hove geography with the colours of the sky and the sea, are likely to arrive in autumn and will continue to be rolled out gradually over the next few years.

Ed Wills, Managing Director at Brighton & Hove Buses, said: “Our brand livery has not changed much since the 90s, but we, and our city, have changed hugely in that time. That’s why we’re transforming our brand to more accurately represent the spirit of who we are today and the unique, vibrant city that we serve.”

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