Fare deals for young people in Brighton & Hove

2 months ago Tue 12th Dec 2023

Picture of Brighton Pavilion with people ice skating, on the left there is text saying 'Yule be better by bus'

In an effort to ease cost of living pressures on local families and encourage sustainable travel, from 1st January up to four children travel free when accompanied by an adult at all times on journeys wholly within the Brighton & Hove city area, as well as on journeys starting and/or ending in East Sussex (excluding night services). The off-peak unaccompanied fare for young person's has also been reduced from £1 to just 50p for journeys wholly within the city of Brighton & Hove.

Furthermore, child rates will be available to anyone aged under 19, and any reasonable and valid ID will be able to be used as proof of age for all on-bus fares. BusID cards will still be required for our mobile and key card tickets.

Image of the Laines decorated with Christmas lights, text on right side saying 'festive fares this Christmas'

These improvements are a result of the new Enhanced Partnerships between Brighton & Hove City Council and East Sussex County Council with all the bus operators.

The improvements arrive along with £2 capped fare for all single journeys that will be in place from 1st January to 31st March.

Nick Hill, Commercial Director at Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus said: “We’re pleased to introduce these improvements to bus fares for 2023, which will hopefully provide a little extra help to bus users from 1st January. Working with Brighton & Hove City Council and East Sussex County Council we’re committed to keeping bus travel affordable and accessible for everyone, especially with the cost of living pressures on the rise. It may also encourage car users to try the bus, reducing emissions and congestion.”

Changes came into effect from Sunday 1st January as part of the Bus Service Improvement Plans, part of the Enhanced Partnership, which will be in place until 2025.

More information can be found here.