Easter services
1 month ago Fri 26th Mar 2021
Some small changes to services at Easter and news about the 13X.
Introducing Apple Pay Express Mode
1 month ago Tue 23rd Mar 2021
There is no need to wake or unlock your device, open an app or use Face ID or Touch ID, so it’s easier and quicker! 
Blatchington Mill School
2 months ago Fri 19th Mar 2021
Change of departure location for 1514 Blatchington Mill School Home Journey
Surrey’s first Covid vaccination bus opens its doors
2 months ago Tue 9th Mar 2021
Brighton & Hove and Metrobus mobilised Surrey’s first mobile Covid-19 vaccination bus in March, with the Alliance for Better Care.
Stories of hope and kindness as community champions go Above & Beyond
2 months ago Tue 9th Mar 2021
Stories of hope, kindness and humanity have been brought to life on the sides of 24 new Brighton and Hove buses.
Anti-virus air filters fitted to every Brighton & Hove and Metrobus bus
2 months ago Fri 26th Feb 2021
Exploring new ways for improving air quality
3 months ago Tue 2nd Feb 2021
Ricardo, experts in research and development explore the use of flexible clean air zones to improve air quality with our help.
Bus is one of the UK’s first Covid-19 Mobile Vaccination Units
3 months ago Thu 28th Jan 2021
The NHS and Metrobus launched one of the UK’s first Covid-19 Mobile Vaccination Units in a bus in Crawley.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) - FAQs
3 months ago Wed 27th Jan 2021
Everything you need to know about travelling by bus during the pandemic
National lockdown - latest update on services
4 months ago Fri 8th Jan 2021
We are continuing to provide services at current levels until further notice subject to some changes to school services in some areas.