Student travel

Welcome to our web page that's just for students and apprentices. 

We know money can be tight when you're studying or on an apprenticeship, so that’s why we want to make sure you know all about the great deals and offers we have available for you. You can get great savings of up to 25% off bus tickets with a valid Student ID card when using our app or key smart-card. 

Student online key card and app prices effective from 11 April 2022


1 day 24 hours - app £3.60
2 days - app £6.80
3 days - app  £10.25
4 days app £13.30
7 days - app and key £15.50
28 days app £57
90 days- app and key £150
12 months app                               £473

Valid in area from Shoreham, Patcham, Falmer and Saltdean. (Boundaries are Old Shoreham Red Lion, Dyke Road/Tongdean Lane, Patcham Black Lion, Ditchling Road/Wild Park, Falmer Village, Saltdean Bannings Vale). See in map form.

citySAVERS are not valid on City Sightseeing or Night Buses. However, they can be used on some other bus companies services, see full listing.


1 day app £4
2 days app £7.30
3 days app £11
4 days app  £14.45
7 days - app and key £16.65
28 days app £61.25
90 days- app and key £162.45
12 months app                              £487.75

Valid on all Brighton & Hove buses except the City Sightseeing. They are also valid on our Night buses. See in map form.

networkSAVERs can be used on some other bus companies services, see full listing.

Prices for tickets bought from 1 Stop Travel, 26 North Street Brighton or at our reception at 43 Conway Street Hove cost slightly more. Click here for details.

Travel with Brighton & Hove Buses

Our buses are not only great for travel across the city but you can also use them to get out and about. Ever fancied a trip to Eastbourne or checking out the Seven Sisters? By taking the bus, you're also doing your bit for the environment too. One bus can take up to 75 cars off the road and if everyone travelled more sustainably there'd be less congestion too. Check out how many carbon emissions you've saved by using our journey planner. It will also tell you how many steps you've walked, helping you reach that illusive 10,000 a day.

Our mobile-ticket app can be downloaded free from both the Android Play Store or iPhone App Store. Once downloaded, simply buy your ticket with our app and show your phone to the driver when boarding. You must have your Student ID with you to show to a company employee if requested.

The key smart-card can be registered at 1 Stop Travel where you show a valid student card. Once registered your smartSAVER on the key, you can top up online at

If you top up online your new ticket can take up to 5 hours from the purchase time to be available to use on the bus. This excludes Annual tickets as this requires a predetermined start date of at least 48 hours after the date of buying a product.


Apprentices can also get up to 25% student discount off many of our tickets. To get the discount, apprentices should take their enrolment or confirmation letter, or student ID card into one of our travel shops at Conway Street, Hove; 1 Stop Travel in North Street; Crawley; Gatwick or Redhill, where they'll be issued with a student key card.    

Apprenticeships should be registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers. Check this here by downloading the CSV file

Terms and Conditions

To view our student terms and conditions please click here.

Please carry your Student ID (valid UK university, UK college or ISIC card) with you to show to a company employee if requested.

To enable us to continue offering the best value student fares, it is important that only passengers entitled to these tickets use them, therefore a valid student registration or ISIC card must be used in conjunction with your student ticket. Please note that UNIDAYS or NUS/TOTUM cards are not accepted as student ID. Full information on what is required.