Hospital buses

Below is a list of the hospitals we serve in the Brighton and Hove area.

Click on the route number icon below to view more details of each route.

Brighton General Hospital Route 2Route 22 Route 37B
Hove Polyclinic

Route 5A  16

Mill View Hospital

Route 5A 16

Montefiore Hospital Route 7
Nevill Hospital Route 5 Route 5A
Nuffield Health Hospital Route 2Route 22
Portslade Health Centre

Route 1 Route 1A  16 Route 60 

Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath

Route 270  Route 271  Route 272

Royal Sussex County Hospital (A&E)  Route 1 Route 1A Route 7 Route 12 Route 12A Route 12X Route 13X Route 14B Route 14C Route 23 
Route 27 Route 37 Route 37B Route 47 Route 52 Route 57 Route 271 Route 272 Route N1 Route N7
Southlands Hospital Route 2